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Our owner is a fitness entrepreneur with years of experience.  Each of our personal trainers brings their own fitness specialty and unique training style. They are all courteous, professionals committed to providing quality service and achieving their business dreams. Keep 100% of your earnings, pay very little overhead, set your own schedule, and run your business, YOUR WAY.

Personal Trainer
Senior Therapy
Personal Trainer Stretching Session
Personal Trainer


  20          hours per week

  40          30-minute sessions

$30          per session



$ 1,200           WEEK

$    840           70% to the gym

$    360           INCOME pr wk


$  4,800         MONTH

$  3,360        70% to the gym

$  1,440         INCOME pr mo


$57,600         YEAR

$40,320         70% to the gym

$17,280         INCOME pr yr

The gym feeds you fish.  Yet, you are still hungry so you fish for yourself . . . then feed the gym the lion’s share of your fish.

THE COACH’S DEN - Private Studio, Business Ownership and an Experienced Adviser

$ 1,200           WEEK

$    200           your private studio

$ 1,000           INCOME pr wk


$ 4,800           MONTH

$    800           your private studio

$ 4,000           INCOME pr mo


$57,600          YEAR

$ 9,600           your private studio

$48,000          INCOME pr yr


Increase your INCOME 2.8 times.  Learn to fish efficiently and effectively . . . YOU WILL EAT FOR A LIFETIME!

Also, imagine your INCOME potential and client success rate if you offer a 16 week cohesive program rather than sessions.  How much more valuable is that to your clients?